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Sharp Shooter

Sharp Shooter is a new casino table game played with standard gaming dice that’s quick to learn and big on entertainment. Slinging three dice as your weapon of choice you have three opportunities to shoot down the three target dice rolled by the house’s croupier – any dice you roll that can match one of croupier’s eliminates that target. Take out all your targets within three rolls and you’ve won your bet with bigger payouts for sharp shooters who dispatch their opposition with ruthless efficiency!

With a single bet placed to win, your aim in Sharp Shooter is to match the three face values of three dice rolled by the table’s croupier (the ‘target’ dice) using three rolls of three standard dice. Each of the dice you roll can only eliminate one instance of a matching dice in the target so, for example, if you’re aiming for 2,4,4 and roll 1,4,6 with your first go, that will leave a target of 2 and 4 to match with your next two rolls.

The bet is won if all three target dice are eliminated on or before your third and final roll.

Sharp Shooter Payouts
A win on your first roll pays out 8/1.

A win on your second roll pays out 7/5.

A win on your final roll pays 1/2.

Step-by-Step Guide to Play
Step 1: Select a preferred chip value by clicking on the relevant chip from the rack at the bottom of the screen; the chip will pop-up indicating it is selected for betting. On the table you will see an ‘Ante’ box on the layout where chips should be placed and simply clicking anywhere in that box will place the currently selected chip. To add more chips of the selected value simply click again as required – each click adds another chip. You may also mix chip values by returning to the chip rack to select an alternative value then clicking back in the betting zone to place it.

Once any chip is placed on the table you will see two option buttons pop up on screen. One allows you to clear all placed chips if you want to rethink your stake, while the Roll button lets you start the game as soon as you are happy with your bet. Clicking the Roll button confirms your bet and no further chips may then be placed on the table.

Step 2: The Sharp Shooter croupier will roll the three blue dice that establish the target you will be aiming for.

Step 3: A ‘Roll’ button will pop up on screen. Click this to trigger the first roll of your three dice. For your convenience there is a five second timer that will automatically trigger the roll if the Roll button is not clicked in that time.

Once your three dice have settled, any matches with the target are highlighted and a visual display on the right of your screen will update to show your progress. Over the course of each game this display logs your three roll results and clearly indicates which of the croupier’s target dice have been eliminated.

Step 4: Step 3 is repeated if the first roll does not result in a win, giving you two further chances to win your bet by eliminating any outstanding target dice.

Step 5: At the conclusion of a game three option buttons allow you to quickly return to the table for more Sharp Shooter action with a choice to repeat your previous stake, double that or clear the Ante box for a completely fresh wager.

Table Limits
Minimum Stake – 10p

Maximum Stake – £200

Sharp Shooter is played with standard six-sided gaming dice.

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