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Build a new life for yourself on the old North American frontier!

Klondike - the last frontier of North America! And our friend's father has gone missing while mining for gold. Now it's your turn to explore this world of adventure and make it your new home.

This land has all kinds of materials to help you in your quests; roll up your sleeves and with the help of the Inuit people you'll build up your colony in no time! Unlock new areas and unravel the mysteries of this last frontier of online adventure games - Klondike!

The adventure begins! The game about a young adventurer who searching for his long lost father. With nothing more than a few letters his father sent him, he goes off on his search not knowing how long it might take to get answers. He will have to complete a lot of tasks and tests of courage before he can land on the path that leads to his father. Travel with him and you will pass what is likely to be the most exciting adventure of your life. Meet local tribes and use their knowledge to discover the most beautiful corners of North America. Only with hard work and courage will you survive the difficulties that a life in the wilderness will throw at you.

You won't just be on the search for the lost expedition of your father, you will also have the opportunity to find countless treasures. But be careful - people have met their maker searching for all this gold. You will fight your way through snow-covered landscapes, the wind will whistle around your ears and you must be careful not to stray from your path. All in all it'll be a fantastic adventure for everyone with enough wherewithal to complete the necessary tasks. You will be rewarded for your hard work by being able to build your own town in the Blue Mountain Valley, where you can even become mayor. Who knows - everything is possible in Klondike.

And take a look at these unique graphics with their funny animations and interesting details.

Don't forget that you're not alone in Klondike. Your friends can help you with the majority of tasks. And it's more fun to play with friends too!

You will definitely have an amazing time and a great adventure. So what are you waiting for? The adventure of a lifetime awaits!

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